After Strong Passwords

Next Steps After Starting to a Use Strong Password Strategy

  1. Protect your data stream by not using public Wifi without protection (click for more info).
  2. Pay attention to every link in emails and on web pages. Don’t be tricked into  entering your login info on fake web page, usually by sending you a fake email (this is called phishing)
  3. Many people get phone calls asking for information on how to contact important people in the organization. Some of these calls are phishing for information on how to create a convincing email so they can attack you. Not all attacks involve computers. You can be attacked on the telephone and maniuplated into giving up enough important information to compromise your computer accounts, set up bank accounts or credit cards in your name.  I know people this has happened to.

This is where educating yourself on what to do or not do is important.

Don’t Use Public WiFi Networks

To prevent people from getting your data stream, don’t use public Wifi networks without using protection. Although it’s convenient to connect to the coffee shop Wifi network, you need to know that any other person connected to that network can see everything you do with simple software available free on the internet.

Your phone or computer sends your username and password in the background to check email, Facebook etc. If you check your email or worse, your bank, passwords are easily read.

VPNs are the best protection. A Virtual Private Network encrypts all data on the Wifi network preventing someone from seeing your passwords on an open Wifi network.  While there are free VPN’s, the best require a small payment. Google “best VPN” to see what other people like.